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Discussion on: Detecting academics' major from facial images

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Evgeny Pogrebnyak

In (1) false negatives, (2) false positives and (3) true positives - top row is all men, bottom is all women. Is that coinidence? Maybe women pay more attention to thier appearance on the photo?

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Ferdinand Mütsch Author

I would say one interpretation of that fact is that the model is pretty confident about female economists, but unsure about male ones. However, I would have to look deeper into that.

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Markus • Edited on

I'd assume 90% of CS & MechEng students are men (if it's anything like my classes) and women are more likely to take economics and linguistics. So maybe the net just detected the gender and made assumptions based on how likely it is for a man/woman to be in each course

I think it would be interesting to see the same thing but men and women separated at the start or equal amounts of students by gender per course.