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Discussion on: Laravel Or Ruby on Rails 2021?

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Eric The Coder

I use both Laravel and Rails. Personally I prefer Laravel as a framework but of course Ruby is my favorite programming language. Ruby is fun and powerful.

Having say that, I dont like Rails as much as Ruby. To me, Laravel have better documentation, more maintain packages and bigger active community.

Also Laravel have a third party tool call Livewire that allow to do reactive UI using Larvel PHP common syntax without any javascript. There is also a tool for Rails call stimulus reflex that does close to the same thing.

For my pro projects I reach for Laravel and use Ruby for some console project like web scrapper and other small personal project.

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Oliver Kriška

Fyi you should know that Livewire was created as a answer for that time new Hotwire for Ruby. And used technique and some code (js) from Rails’s Livewire.

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Farhad Uneci Author

I was exactly looking for such an answer, Thank you a lot 😎🙏👍