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Update To Laravel Breeze v0.1.0

Today Laravel Breeze version 0.1.0 was released which includes support for version 2 of Tailwindcss, likewise this release includes a link so that those who have registered can log in directly, as well as Laravel Jetstream.


Previously, I had created a project with Laravel Breeze version 0.0.4 and was waiting for this release to proceed with the update.

Warning I recommend creating a new branch to do this update

To update our application from Laravel Breeze 0.0.4 to 0.1.0, just change the version of the package in the composer.json file.

update version

Now we need run the command composer update

After composer finishes updating the dependencies it's time to run the command

php artisan breeze:install

This automatically updates the new changes coming in the Laravel Breeze 0.1.0 release

Finally we must execute the npm commands

npm install && npm run dev

Nice that's all we have to do.

Now if we go to the login page of our project we will see that the UX looks different.

login pages

This looks nice ... but all of our changes that we made (in my case) to the project before this launch will be overwritten. That is why it is important to do this in a totally new branch.

I hope this helps you 🚀

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