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Discussion on: Infra as Code in Azure, what's new for 2020 in ARM Templates deployment

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Any links to deployment scripts github or where I can provide feedback for the preview?
Doesn't seem like inline deployment script works with Az DevOps pipeline. The json won't parse properly as it's expecting a string.

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Olivier Miossec Author

There are no deployment script as you should use an azure arm task

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ericyew • Edited

sorry, let me rephrase.
The ARM template with deployment scripts resource type with powerShell inline script will not parse in DevOps Pipeline using the ARM task as it is expecting a string type for scriptContent: "" but it's parsing as undefined.
So I get an error when trying to deploy the ARM Template.
No issues when I deploy with command "New-AzResourceGroupDeployment"
I paste my arm template json into an online json parser and it throws an error too