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Erica L. (she/they)
Erica L. (she/they)

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Day 19

June 26, 2020


  • JavaScript30 Day 12 - Key Sequence Detection (changing a website when a secret code is typed)
  • Began "How to build an HTML calculator app from scratch using JavaScript" on fCC


I skipped the last few conceptual lessons on hash maps because it wasn't helping me at all. I'm going to try to figure out things as I go along and go back to those lessons as a reference. I did the Blossom project, but I need to really see how this is used to understand it better. I did the exercises on trees which makes a lot more sense to me, so that's good. I then did the CYOA Wilderness project, so it makes even more sense to me since I'm so obsessed with interactive fiction. Next up is heaps, which look like reversed trees?

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