Days 26-35

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Days 26 - 35

Day 26, July 5, 2020

Python: I did all the lessons on graphs and asymptotic notation. I began learning about recursion in Python.

Color Design: I decided to take a break from really "coding" and do Codecademy's course on color design. I only have access to pro features through July 24, so I figure I should get as much out of it as I can.

Day 27, July 6, 2020

Color Design: I finished this course. It was pretty useful. I understand using colors in web design a bit better now.

Python: I started Codecademy's course on statistics in Python and did more recursion exercises.

Day 28, July 7, 2020

Python: finished the recursion exercises. Started learning data analysis with Pandas.

Day 29, July 8, 2020

Python: Did the exercises on function arguments. They were super helpful. Then began lessons on files in Python.

Day 30, July 9, 2020

Finished the file exercises, thus finishing the Python 3 course!

Day 31, July 10, 2020

Doing HTML/CSS projects on Codecademy.

Day 32, July 11, 2020

Did some more HTML/CSS stuff on Codecademy. Did a really simple project of coding "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" in JS. I constantly forget the most obvious things, like calling the dang function!

Day 33, July 12, 2020

Going back and forth between CSS and JavaScript lessons on fCC.

Day 34, July 13, 2020

Did a bunch of CSS lessons on fCC, including ones about positioning, animation, accessibility and grids -- all things I need lots more work on, since I'm not great at them!

Day 35, July 14, 2020

fCC Tribute Page project (https://codepen.io/ericaleff/full/dyGqNqV)

fCC Survey Form project (https://codepen.io/ericaleff/full/rNxZGjr)


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