Day 16

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Erica's 100 Days of Code (6 Part Series)

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June 23, 2020

I started by finishing Codecademy's Veneer project that I began last night. For the first time, I felt like I really understood Python classes. I was able to complete most of the first 20-something steps without needing to search for help.

I learned about nodes and linked lists in Python. It reminds me a bit of TiddlyWiki. I'm not totally sure if that's an apt comparison, but it seems similar. I don't really get what nodes and linked lists can be used for yet, but I'm assuming there'll be a project soon that will make it clearer.

I completed the Towers of Hanoi stacks project.

I also went back to freeCodeCamp to do some JavaScript exercises. I'm on objects right now. I'm taking a break for the day because seeing "prototype" and "Object.create" is about to give me a migraine!


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I really like reading your daily updates , keep it up !

And don't worry about free code camp, it will be worse, trust me, doing intermediate algorithm scripting right now 😂