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Days 1-15

I'm not loving the 100 Days of Code Github log format, so I figured I'd move my progress over here. Here's the first 15 days of my log:

Day 15: June 22, 2020

Today's Progress: Python: Classes lessons, Basta Fazoolin', Pokemon Master (Codecademy); JavaScript: some exercises (freeCodeCamp)

Thoughts: Codecademy was down for a lot of the day, so I went back to fCC to do some JavaScript exercises.

Link to work:

Day 14: June 21, 2020

Today's Progress: Python: Classes lessons (Codecademy)

Thoughts: 2 weeks down and I've definitely been coding less and less. Still over an hour, but not as much as before. Like I said yesterday, I hope I'll be able to do a lot more again soon.

Link to work:

Day 13: June 20, 2020

Today's Progress: Python: Hurricane Analysis challenge project; JavaScript: Shift to Select Multiple Checkboxes (JavaScript30)

Thoughts: I've been slowly tapering off coding and I'm trying to undo that!

Link to work:

Day 12: June 19, 2020

Today's Progress: Python: Games of Chance challenge project, Scrabble, began working on Hurricane Analysis challenge project


Link to work:

Day 11: June 18, 2020

Today's Progress: Python: rest of Carly's Clippers, The Boredless Tourist, Thread Shed, Censor Dispenser

Thoughts: No JS second day in a row. Got too... excited, I guess, doing Python? I didn't feel like stopping.

Link to work:

Day 10: June 17, 2020

Today's Progress: Python: a few lessons and half of Carly's Clippers

Thoughts: Didn't do as much as I normally would (and had to postpone a day of JavaScript30) because I got home pretty late from a client meeting. Lawyer life.

Link to work: n/a

Day 9: June 16, 2020

Today's Progress: Python: Len's Slice; JavaScript: Console Tricks (JavaScript30)

Thoughts: Learning more things that can be done with the console is really useful.

Link to work: Array Tricks

Day 8: June 15, 2020

Today's Progress: Python: a few Codecademy lessons on lists; JavaScript: Fun with HTML5 Canvas (JavaScript30)

Thoughts: I'm hoping to do a lot more tomorrow!

Link to work: Fun with HTML5 Canvas

Day 7: June 14, 2020

Today's Progress: Python: Codecademy lessons (control flow, lists), Sal's Shipping, Python Gradebook; JavaScript: Array Cardio Day 2 (JavaScript30), also some Exercism exercises


Link to work: Array Cardio Day 2

Day 6: June 13, 2020

Today's Progress: Python: Getting Ready for Physics Class; JavaScript: Type Ahead (JavaScript30)


Link to work: Type Ahead

Day 5: June 12, 2020

Today's Progress: Flex Panels (JavaScript30)

Thoughts: I did even less today. I'll do more tomorrow!

Link to work: Flex Panels

Day 4: June 11, 2020

Today's Progress: Python: Lovely Loveseats (Codecademy), more Python lessons; JavaScript: Array Cardio Day 1 (JavaScript30)

Thoughts: I didn't do as much today as previous days. I am happy about doing the Array Cardio exercises because I often get confused by functions like reduce() and map(). It's good to get more practice!

Link to work: Array Cardio Day 1

Day 3: June 10, 2020

Today's Progress: Playing with CSS Variables & JS (JavaScript30), Build a To-Do List (Enlight)

Thoughts: I loved making this to-do list app and customizing it just a little. I'm excited to work on actual web apps.

Link to work: CSS Variables, To Do List

Day 2: June 9, 2020

Today's Progress: JavaScript CSS & JS Clock (JavaScript30), began learning Python on Codecademy, first 3 levels of Plant Your Code

Thoughts: Python feels so weird. I'm constantly about to put a semicolon at the end of a line before I realize, nope! Plant Your Code is fun but 1.3 killed me for some reason. I even took notes about methods that work on arrays and still couldn't figure out how to do it. I probably spent more than an hour doing it over and over until finally it came out right!

Link to work: JavaScript CSS & JS Clock

Day 1: June 8, 2020

Today's Progress: JavaScript Drum Kit (JavaScript30), Codecademy Natural Language Processing Bag-of-Words Language Model, Tf-idf & Word Embeddings

Thoughts: I'm really enjoying learning about NLP but I clearly need to learn at least some Python to make it easier.

Link to work: JavaScript Drum Kit

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