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re: Wear a suit - two-piece, no vest. Don't wear anything that was considered stylish ten years ago. That's unless they specifically tell you to dress ...

Does wearing heels show you care a lot? Should I wear really red lipstick and hope the other interviewees stuck to a more neutral palette?


Personally I'm usually oblivious to details like cosmetics unless they're really over-the-top.

My personal rule for shoes: Never wear shoes you can't run in.

I'd like to think that if I were a woman I would refuse to wear heels on principle. My wife says I'm wrong and I don't get it. Either way I'm not likely to notice shoes, and like I said, what a person wears to an interview tells me nothing about their skills. But I'd recommend to anyone that they dress for the interview, not as if they already had the job.

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