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Those are nice advice, but what can someone use if he is not a coffee fan?


Some people like neutropics. I have not tried them yet, and I used to feel like this was just a way of self medicating, and not in a good way, but I recently heard a podcast that changed my mind about it, and I followed that up with research that even more convinced me it can be good. One good one is Aplpha Brain. They have a free trial. The podcast said it is either a hit or miss and this is why it only has about a 3 star rating, it either does wonders for you or basically does nothing. So you have to try it to find out since everyone's body is different. There are others you can try if that one doesn't work for you. The research I did suggested they are more natural and good for you and less of an experimental drug then drinking coffee. Although you should always be careful who you buy stuff like this from and I can't guarantee it is not somehow bad for you personally. Both of the people on this podcast now drink/need a lot less coffee now that they take these regularly.

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