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Javascript has flaws but it also had a lot of constraint that explains those flaws. I do not like JS (even if I dabble in it) but no fuss, like you said, it’s cool that there are a lot of choices.

That being said, I did a lot of PHP and this language is just flawed by design, the number of things you have to keep in mind about the language when you start doing serious application, is absurd in my humble opinion, which is why I do not like it, I think it is flawed. You can do a lot of things with it, many people did and still do but I believe that on the long run, it causes more issues and also it cost much more resource to keep a PHP code base sane. I also think that most PHP developpers don’t try out other stacks,
which makes it hard to talk about alternatives.

Facebook did great things on PHP (Hack & co ) which makes it much more manageable but without FB to back it up, it would be doomed, since the PHP community; which is one of my favorite actually, mainly for its pragmatism; do not seem to truly engage in it, in my opinion (why the wait for PHP 7??)

The good thing, is that, it does not matter, like mocking Lisp incredible syntax, so why take the cartoon so seriously ?

There are not much scientific study on the value, impact or quality of languages anyway, so it’s just claims, opinions and common sense that truly smart people spend a lot of time sharing.

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