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Debunking 5 Popular Coding Myths

I get a lot of messages from people asking how I started my coding journey. When I tell them, the next response is usually, “I’ll love to start also, but… are the reasons why I don’t think it would work for me.”

This post is for you if you’re looking to get into coding and you’re doubting yourself or you just can get yourself to start.
I also recently started my journey and hope you find this helpful.

Here are common myths and beliefs that might be holding you back from getting started.

Myth 1: Coding is only for geeks and geniuses

Truth: You do not need to be a genius to learn to code. What you need is a lot of patience, willingness to learn, and eliminate self-doubt.

No matter the programming language you choose to learn, be it HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, etc., you’ll need to dedicate a lot of time and practice frequently to be a great developer.

Coding can be synonymous with solving a puzzle. At first, it can be frustrating trying to put the pieces together but when you start understanding the logic of the puzzle, you start to feel better and in control.

Myth 2: I need to know multiple programming languages before I can land a job

Truth: A programming language is basically a set of the syntax used to perform several operations like conditionals, looping, expressions, functions, etc. It’s not the number of programming languages that gets you a job but how deep you understand common programming concepts.

You can definitely get a job with knowledge in just a single language, but you will have to learn other languages as you grow in your career.

I recommend that you start with any of these languages, get grounded in it, build a portfolio, and apply for a job.

Frontend development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React/Vue
Backend development: Node.js/Python/PHP

Myth 3: I’m too old to learn how to code

Truth: There is no age that is “too old” to learn to code.

If you're willing to commit the time and effort it takes to learn, you're certainly ready to start your journey as a developer. Learning to code is a never-ending process, so whenever you start, it's never too late.

Myth 4: Programming is only for guys

Truth: Just like any other career, programming is not gender-specific. Women are equally capable as men.

The programming world, just like any other field is for both genders and I strongly believe more ladies should be encouraged to be programmers. As a matter of fact, a woman called Ada Lovelace was the world's first computer programmer.

Myth 5: I need a MacBook to start Coding

Truth: It largely depends on what you’re working on and trying to develop.

I can tell you that starting off programming, you don’t need a fancy computer or MacBook. With a Windows or Linux computer, you can get really far in programming.

Getting a MacBook is not a requirement!

Thanks for reading and I hope this post inspires you to begin your journey as a developer ❤️

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