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A multi-services app like gojek is apt to dominate the market successfully

What does the Gojek clone script imply?

The gojek clone script is a ready-to-use solution through which customers can avail multiple services. It is an affordable white label solution and is feature-packed. It includes Android and iOS apps for users and store managers, a web panel, a dispatcher panel, a billing system, a user-friendly website, and a booking panel. We also provide a licensed source code, free bug support, software upgrades, and 24x7 multilingual technical support.

What can people do with the multi services app like Gojek?

  • Users can rent vehicles, get food, alcohol, groceries, and medicines directly delivered to their homes by using the Gojek clone script.
  • other services offered by babysitters, carpenters, electricians, doctors, fitness trainers, home cleaners, painters, lawyers, housemaids, plumbers, packers and movers, massage therapists, real estate agents, insurance providers, mechanics, security guards, barbers, psychologists, physiotherapists, yoga masters, and translators are also available in the Gojek clone.

The attractive features of the Gojek clone script are

  • Numerous payment methods -

    Customers can pay quickly for the services that they have availed using debit cards, credit cards, integrated digital wallets, cash, and online bank transfers. Integration is also provided with multiple payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Xendit, and Zoop.

  • The issue of round-the clock-notifications -

    All the information such as discounts, offers, the launch of new products, the status of orders, and the current location of the delivery executive will be instantly shared with the users.

  • Access to rewards and promo codes -

    Customers of the Gojek clone can get handsome discounts and offers on their orders helping them to reduce their bills to a great extent. This will attract more inflow of users to the multi-service app.

  • Multi-currency support -

    Users can seamlessly deal with both the leading digital and fiat currencies. Real-time conversion is done at the best market rates.

  • A live chat option -

    A real-time chat facility is available to share timely information by the users to the delivery executives. It also has voice calling and video calling options.

  • An integrated SOS button -

    If the users experience any emergencies or contingencies, they can press the SOS button that will send an immediate alert to their close contacts. This will save them quickly from distress.

  • Contactless delivery -

    Due to the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic, contactless delivery has become a necessity now. The Gojek clone script offers this feature where delivery executives deliver the order outside the door of the users’ home and inform the customer to collect it quickly.

  • Access to order history -

    If a user regularly utilizes a specific service, he/she can access the details of the order history to opt for the service again. This saves a lot of time as the service need not be manually entered to avail it.

  • A rating and review system -

    Users can share their views and feedback of the availed services honestly. This ensures that the service provider maintains a high level of quality. Service providers who have got a lot of negative reviews will be debarred from the platform.

  • Safety badges for stores -

    Users can experience a greater level of trust if they deal with verified stores that have followed all the safety guidelines related to Covid-19. This ensures reliability in order processing.

  • Real-time tracking of orders -

    All the orders placed by the users on the Gojek platform can be tracked by them. They can closely monitor the movement of the delivery executive till he/she reaches the customers’ location.

Wrapping up :

As seen above, it is a perfect time to launch a multi services app like Gojek as it offers a high level of convenience. It also saves time for the users as they need not visit different stores to get their routine tasks done. Hence, acquire the Gojek clone script now and establish a stronghold over the market soon.

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