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This is a great way to think through and implement the algorithm for solving this problem. This is my take on a simpler, more compact solution using the ES6 spread operator and the built-in sort method on JS arrays:

function mergeLists(firstList, secondList) {
  return [...firstList, ...secondList].sort();

If you can't use ES6 for whatever reason, the concat method would allow you to still keep this nice and simple:

function mergeLists(firstList, secondList) {
  return firstList.concat(secondList).sort();

sort() should be sort((a, b) => a - b)
Otherwise, surprise, surprise - [1, 2, 11].sort() -> [1, 11, 2]


Those are very compact, love the simplicity of it! My goal in these posts is to breakdown what's happening behind the scenes a bit so I intentionally spell out the steps rather than using a built in method. The idea being that once someone has some idea what's happening "behind the scenes" then they will more fully appreciate a language's built in methods.

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