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2 weeks into Anki & Spaced Repetition/Active Recall

First I would like to thanks the #100Devs community for being sharing resources on Twitter and @leonnoel, for creating 100devs.

What is Anki ?

Anki is an open-source flashcard software that integrate Spaced Repetition and Active Recall into one beautifully made desktop application and a web application that is mostly used to review Your Decks of cards when you're away from your home computer.

Anki allow You to create Decks that you can look at it as folder or directory to that have many folders inside itself, Each Deck is like a folder that can store many files or flash cards all wrapped around a beautiful user interface that make using the app really easy.

Here are a few link to blog post/website that helped me Understand Anki better: - this is a website that sell a course i just found the blog to be useful.
Anki Documentation - This is the official Anki docs.
Cloze Deletion - I Recommend You read this Section of the Docs these are my default Cards now.

What is Space Repetition ?

To keep it short after a long research and reading of many research papers, so to make it simple to understand the human brain is horrible a remembering new information. There is a term called The Forgetting curve which mean that as time passed we are less likely to remember the material or information we just have consumed or studied.

Basically we spaced out the recalling of information frequently or daily, This allows us to re consume and reinforce upon the knowledge we have of whatever we would like to learn more or study more about.

What is Active Recall ?

Active Recall is when you Actively review a piece of information over a period of time until it become common sense or automated knowledge, like brushing your teeth or adding up one plus two. Another way of active recalling practice I found useful is to stop myself when reading and recall the information I had just consume, this could help you retain more information quicker.

  • Active Recall is a way of retrieving information from our memory, the more we practice it, the better we get at it.

Anki Automate Space Repetition and Active Recalling for us when reviewing the decks of cards.
After 2 weeks of actively reviewing my deck of cards once or twice per day, helped me to more easily recall term and concept of programming I am currently studying more easily.

  • Note: This is a Quick blog written to improve my Technical writing skill after finding an amazing community of Dev and Technical Writer Called Inked-In Founded By the ⭐️ React Developer @Elixir_js go give him a follow.

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