re: Force unwrapping is not just “not Swift-like.” It’s wrong. VIEW POST

re: More than anything, you want to know when it is appropriate to force unwrap vs. when it's not appropriate to do so. An interface builder outlet i...

Outlets are an interesting case. I can mostly get behind those (I'm at about 95% 😁), because even though it is implicitly unwrapped, you are relying on the platform to populate the outlet, and so there is a guarantee of sorts. You could even do static analysis on the code and know that an IBOutlet would be populated before you would ever use it if you wanted stricter enforcement. It isn't perfect, but it's probably the safest place it could be used.

I think it's a healthy stance to strongly bias towards not force unwrapping in general, though. The minute I need to deeply reason about the interactions in the code is where it gets dangerous, and it is much safer if the assurance is enforced in the code, rather than a promise that exists outside of code. I don't want that IOU to be bad debt when I come to collect! 💸

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