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I loved this post because it is frighteningly similar to my story. I'm twenty two and I just made the switch from Digital media to Programming and Software development. It's been extremely challenging but I'm still trudging on because I want it for myself.
And thank you for dispelling myths about the length of time for self learning. I enrolled in a software dev bootcamp and I've felt terrible because I don't seem to get JS, even though I just started about a week ago.


Try a 30 day code challenge, challenge yourself to code a little bit everyday. If this is your first language you are not only tackling a new syntax but the foundations of programming as well. It takes awhile to get comfortable with this new way of thinking, but it's a muscle that will get stronger with practice. I believe three of the most important skills as a programmer/developer are patience, (trust me you will need it for the learning and debugging process, which you've probably already discovered) perseverance, and resourcefulness (the ability to find the answers when you don't know them, because many times you won't.) It takes time, if you stick with it it will come. I think one of the most helpful things for me in the beginning was handcopying programs and code snippets until the syntax became second nature. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to right a book when you can't remember the alphabet or how to use punctuation. Programming is the same way. Yet we have this expectation to become fluent overnight.

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