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Discussion on: Question: How to create APIs like ServiceNow ?

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ewatch • Edited on

In general this shouldn't be a problem. However one thing to keep in mind when implementing is that your security layer must be very good.
Two possibilities:

  • Using dynamic routes and then depending on the request querying the table depending on which route was accessed (this can be really dangerous)
  • Generating a list of tables at a certain point of time for the application (i.e. before deploying the application) and writing this list into a config file or something like that and then depending on this configuration you setup the routes for express which query your database

I cannot stress enough that dynamically making every table available in your own written application needs a high investment in security:
SerivceNow out of the box has Authentication (Basic, Mutual, OAuth 2.0) through API, Roles and Permissions a mature processing of the incoming request and additional things I currently might not think of.
So keep that in mind. :-)

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Prasad Author

Hi Ewatch,
Thank you for response, I will take all those things into consideration.

Thank you.