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Discussion on: Vim won't make you a more productive developer

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Jay Thompson

I couldn't disagree more. Vim's modal nature is insanely convenient and fast, whereas non-modal editors force you to waste time mousing around in menus or GUI elements. Most programmers spend far more time editing and navigating code vs writing it.

"In most cases, when I start my editor, I want to type stuff right away." vim +star

I've used several plugin managers and never had any issue installing the plugins I wanted.

"No Vim is like any other Vim" is like complaining that nobody else organizes their kitchen exactly like you organize yours. 99% of the time, you'll be using the vim you installed and configured.

As for the original question here: a task being difficult and time-consuming isn't a good reason to avoid it, if the payoff is good. Learning vim is one of the best decisions I've ever made.

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99% of the time, you'll be using the vim you installed and configured.

And since every single distributor compiles different options, you can never be sure about which they are.

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Scott Kidder

If you can use git and GitHub, you can compile your own vim in easily less than 5 minutes.

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tux0r • Edited

That's true for all editors. (I compile from Mercurial though.)

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I agree with you. How they work on a guest machine while connecting to them via ssh ? They're can touch their gui icons ? I don't know...

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