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re: Really cool portfolio! I loved the animations. Just one observation: I have a big screen and the home page felt a little empty. I'm no designer, bu...

Hi! Thanks a lot! _^
I'm not a designer either, so we're on the same page, haha! I saw through the responsive view that the page looks a bit too lonely. I have no idea what type of content I should add. I'll try out some background image and gradient to see how it looks. Does the other page look alright on a bigger screen btw? I'm a bit confused about the width of the inner pages on bigger screen as well.

But anyway, I really really appreciate the feedback! Thanks a ton! :) :)


Everything else looks awesome on my screen. Love the background colors of each section. May I ask what technologies did you use to build it?

Sure! I've used React, but there isn't much Reacty stuff other than showing the inner pages on click. The animation is done using CSS transform on SVG element. I'm just scaling up the SVGs so they fill up the entire screen and rotating them a little bit. So, transform: scale(35) rotate(55deg); is doing the magic. :)

Thanks again! :)

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