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React.js cheatsheet

React.js cheatsheet

Developing SharePoint solutions by using the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) we don’t have to use a specific framework but we are free to use whatever we want.

This is a huge benefit for developers but there are circumstances where actually this thing is not really true.

There are two cases when in fact we are almost forced to use Reactjs:

  • Use the react.js controls developed for the “Office UI Fabric“ library
  • Reuse tons of code already developed in the various examples and solutions for SPFx like, for example, the new “SharePoint Starter Kit”.

OK, I have to then be able to figure out react.js!

There are many resources to learn this framework, free online courses and not, official documentation, etc.

In fact, after learning the framework, which has a fairly simple learning curve, always need to have a cheatsheet to remember quickly the available APIs.

I share with you then this page that I found:

In fact on the main site you’ll find many cheatsheet for as many frameworks, but in this case, the one for react.js, I find it really interesting.

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