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Discussion on: Escaping tutorial purgatory as a new developer

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Fabio Rosado

First of all, I have to say that this is a great post and like Ben said it articulates very well what most of us feel when we are learning a new programming language.

The problem is that it takes a while for you to realise that you are in this tutorial purgatory, the reason why it takes so long for us to realise that we are in this state is because of the hold-hand feeling. It feels great following all those tutorials because we are building stuff and showing off how good we can code.

Jumping from tutorial to tutorial you can get a boost of confidence as you build more and more things. The issue is that you aren't really learning much since the solution to a problem is handed to you. You don't struggle and without struggling, there is little to no learning process.

I read somewhere that a great way to improve your learning with tutorials is by trying to build a similar project (but different enough that the tutorial doesn't give you the answer). This will make you struggle a bit and apply concepts that you learning, which in the end will make you practice what you have learned from the tutorial.