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The rules of corporate life!

1) Don't trust everyone.
2) What happens in the office remains in the office. Never take office gossips to home & vice versa.
3) Enter office on time, leave on time; your desktop is not helping improve your health.
4) Never make GF/BF or Brothers/Sisters in office. It will always backfire on you.
5) Expect nothing. If somebody helps, feel thankful. If not, it’s still fine; you will learn to know things on your own.
6) Never rush for the position. If you get promoted, congratulations. If not, it doesn't matter. You will always be remembered for your knowledge and politeness, not for your designation.
7) Never run behind office stuff always; you have better things to do in life.
8) Avoid taking everything in your ego and personal; your salary matters, you are being paid. Use your assets to get happiness.
9) It doesn’t matter how people treat you. Be humble and help others. Remember, you are not everyone’s cup of tea.
10) In the end, nothing matters except family, friends, home, inner peace, and the most important being Healthy.

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