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13 fantastic web development blogs

There are some amazing web development blogs out there (Smashing Magazine, CSS-Tricks and Codrops come to mind), but today I want to pay homage to the humble personal blog. Here are some of my favorite web developer blogs in no particular order:

  • Modern CSS - Do you still struggle with vertical centering in CSS? This series from Stephanie Eckles is for you.
  • Dan Mall - Dan, the founder of the design collaborative SuperFriendly, is a generous source for all things design systems and client relations.
  • Stuff & Nonsense - Andy Clark has been building websites for a while, and he has a thing or two to teach about writing bulletproof CSS. His Inspired Design Decisions series is a must-read.
  • Sara Soueidan - I started following Sara a while back thanks to her amazing contributions to the Codrops blog. She is currently focusing on accessibility, but her SVG filter articles will blow your mind.
  • Sarah Higley - Sarah is a developer at Microsoft with a passion for accessibility. I learned about her through the fantastic A11y Slack group.
  • Adrian Roselli - I read Adrian's blog to learn how bad I am at accessibility.
  • Ben Meyers - I am lucky to know Ben personally through a local Meetup. His blog is filled with tons of great accessibility information. Oh, and make sure you check out his Twitch channel Some Antics!
  • Josh Comeau - In addition to posting some great frontend content, Josh has created a truly fun website. I want my blog to be like Josh's when it grows up.
  • Frank Chimero - Frank is an accomplished web designer and writer. This site features dense engaging writing that will make you think. My favorite is The Web's Grain.
  • Brad Frost - He created Atomic Design. He plays bass. If you want to dive more into design systems, you need to follow Brad.
  • Mark Boulton - Mark's writing has helped me bridge the gap between print and screen design. I highly recommend for developers and designers.
  • 2ality - Dr. Axel Rauschmayer's blog is a JavaScript developer's dream. He features deep dives into the ES spec and explorations into brand-new JavaScript features.
  • Rachel Andrew - Rachel is an accomplished speaker, writer, and web developer. If you are passionate about CSS, this blog's for you.

Didn't see your favorite? Please let me know on Twitter who I need to add. And if you just discovered a new blog to follow from this post, please let me know by liking this on DEV Community. Likes, much like food, sustain me and give me the strength I need to face the day.

Until next time!

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