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Discussion on: Welcome Thread - v28

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Dat Vo

Hi, I am Dat from Viet Nam.
Currently I am a Software Engineer at Sapporo, Japan.
Beside the full time work, I also have a small freelancer work which related to NodeJS, Express.

Previous, my work was mostly in PHP ( 6 years experience ), but I use C++ ( sometimes Ruby On Rails for web tool ) for full-time job now.

I know through other article, and I am so surprised about DEV, it is really interesting with a lot of great stuff from around the world.

The next willing tech is Machine Learning. Current I am lacking knowledge about ML, but really want to deeply passion into it.

I also want to try to write blog again ( previously was Yahoo 360 ).
I think DEV is great place for me back again with this hobby.

I like to play games LOL(League of Legends), listen music and make friends(especially tech friends).