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Vue.js — Considerations and Tricks

faru5 profile image Faruq Ismael ・1 min read

Vue.js is great. However, when you start building large scale JavaScript applications, you will start to hit the boundaries of the Vue.js. These boundaries are not really the limitations of the framework; rather these are the important design decisions that Vue.js team had taken from time to time.

Unlike React or Angular, Vue.js caters to different level of developers. It is friendly, easy-to-use for beginners and equally flexible for experts. It doesn’t try to shy away from DOM. Instead, it plays well with it.

Having said this, this article is more like a catalog of some of the great discussions, issues and tricks I have come across on my way to Vue.js enlightenment. Understanding these key design aspects helped us while building our large scale web applications.

Again, these discussion are valid as of today, May 18th, 2018. When framework upgrades, underlying browser and JS API will change, they may not be valid and intuitive

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