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Announcing the FaunaDB Data Manager

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Author: John Miller III and Summer Schrader
Date: Apr 10, 2020
Originally posted on the Fauna blog.

We’re pleased to announce the highly anticipated release of the FaunaDB Data Manager (FDM). The FDM can assist with a variety of import and export tasks, including:

  1. Copying documents, collections, indexes, functions, and roles from one FaunaDB database, at any particular point in time, to another FaunaDB database
  2. Importing and updating data from: A local directory using JSON or CSV files An existing FaunaDB database, including at a specific point in time for auditing, version control, or data recovery purposes Importing A SQL database, such as MySQL or Postgres, that is accessible over a JDBC connection An AWS S3 bucket using JSON or CSV files Exporting and backing up data to: A local directory (as JSON files) Simple ETL (i.e., data formatting): Changing a field or column's name and/or data type Setting a primary field (i.e., Ref column) Setting the import time of a document Ignoring fields Creating a new database pre-filled with demo data, indexes, and roles for testing purposes

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