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Discussion on: I am surprised more people are not using these tools!!

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Fayaz Ahmed Author

Cool, I created a workflow connecting a webhook to google sheets, playing around with it. It says success when I hit the endpoint it says Success, but data is not saved to sheet. I must be doing something wrong. Thanks for letting me know about pipedream, this seems like a much advanced and better zapier, will definitely be using it more.

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Dylan J. Sather

Oh sorry to hear that. If it helps, here are two public examples of how you can add a new row to a sheet (I'm using the Add a Row to a Sheet action):

Try copying these workflows, adding your own spreadsheet ID as the value of the Spreadsheet ID param in the add a row action, and press Send Test Event just below the HTTP trigger step. This adds a two-column row with a sample name and title, like in this example sheet.

Happy to also take a look at your workflow and modify to get it working. Feel free to email me anytime at dylan [at] pipedream [dot] com (you probably already got a welcome email from me ;) ).

Thanks for giving it a try Fayaz.