Discussion on: HTML, CSS & JS are not enough (esp if you plan to be a independent dev)

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Fayaz Ahmed Author

I dont understand what's misleading. Everything int the post is about becoming a specialist in frontend field. I have mentioned things which will make you a better frontend developer. I never said learn everything, the things I have mentioed are related to just 1 thing, web developement, all I am trying to say is, there's more to web development than just coding.

The only thing mentioned anything apart from frontend is "learn how backend and databases" work.

I follow Sara, and I believe she knows these things as well.

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Rob OLeary

You did not understood me then! The article title is an emphatic statement. I merely said that your article could be misleading for some people, a beginner could think that learning the points you mentioned in your article are important for work opportunities for a front-end developer. That's what I thought initially when I went through the article. What you were trying to get at more, I guess, is that you didn't learn how to deploy your work, and some extra bits on how to build web applications completely, and that is a goal for you. Frontend is a big field, there are many roles within it, for others that may not important for them, or for their job prospects.