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re: Often it's right before bed 🤦‍♂️ It's kind of a bad habit - I procrastinate during the day, and then smush in a bunch of work late at night. Anyo...

For the timebeing I was able to overcome some procrastination though it comes and goes depending on the time of year, also I think some procrastination may be good. Mind you I suck at self control but this is what worked for me so far:

1) I blocked out all social media. I generated random passwords on all social media accounts and I did not save them. In this way I am not tempted to just have constant quick looks on useless posts. The steps to recover the passwords would make me snap out of it.

2) I like to read the news during the day. So I try to only do it for ~30 minutes when I get to the office and then at lunch time (sometimes I slip though).

3) I try to not think about the things I still have to do and I try to dedicate some time during the day to acknowledge the work I have done instead.

4) At the cost of boredom, I try to avoid having my laptop on most of the evenings in the working week. I know I suck at self control so sometimes I just leave my laptop in my office so I don't even have the option to cheat.

5) My phone is always on silent.Though I have the luxury of not having to work with clients.

6) But the most important thing of all, I stopped guilt-tripping myself for procrastinating. If I am procrastinating systematically there is a reason... I should solve that first if I want to stop doing it. Maybe I don't like a specific task I have to do, or maybe there are too many unknowns or skills I have to learn that it overwhelms me. Either way, if it happens - after the first moment of frustration - I try to stop what I am doing and reason on why I am procrastinating. Often identifying the cause is sufficient to make me stop procrastinate.

This is working pretty ok for me right now also because I throw some flexibility to the rules here and there.


I stopped guilt-tripping myself for procrastinating

That's a great point - when I'm procrastinating, it's because I'm avoiding something... what am I avoiding? Answer that question to really increase productivity :)

Thanks for your tips - good things to think about!

yeah, guilt tripping aparently works against actually getting to stop what one is guilty about


If I am procrastinating systematically there is a reason... I should solve that first if I want to stop doing it.

It sounds so simple when stated like this :)

Haha... absolutely - easier said than done... (ugh) :)


Your self-control strategies are awesome man,
I remember that day when I left my phone on purpose silent at home and went out, but my father tried to call me to ask me to buy him something, and when I didn't answer couple of times he thought there might be something bad did happen the end of the story he went down the streets looking for me 😂😂😂😂

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