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re: Here's one more I'm using sometimes: $ call-foo > out_and_err.txt 2>&1 So here I'm redirecting STDERR to the address of STDOUT, whi...

I think that in recent bash and zsh, one can use

call-foo &> out_and_err.txt

This is my favourite "shut up, I don't want to see any output, even if it fails, just do, or don't do, the thing" shortcut:

call-foo &> /dev/null

I would've done call-foo > out-and-error.txt 2> out-and-error.txt; I've never heard of 2>&1 or &>. Very cool! Thanks for that!

What would be a practical application of print stdout and stderr to the same file?


Openssl prints diagnostic info to stderr and certificate info to stdout. If you want them both in the same filter stream, &> is very handy. Or if you want them all in the same single log file

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