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I would just avoid anything other than your local ccTLD or .com for a personal site.

What I tell clients about any kind of cute domain name is that you're going to have to buy the .com anyway, because if someone hears the domain, they're not going to remember the ".ly" as a TLD. Among other reasons, this is why bit.ly redirects to bitly.com. (I give the same advice to groups that need a .org TLD -- get both the .com and redirect to the .org. I give the same advice to anyone with dashes in their URL or multi-word urls -- redirect from two-words.com to twowords.com or vice versa.)

Until I started really visiting here, I'd go to dev.com or devto.com, and still have had a hard time telling my team to check something out verbally.

Anonymous registration isn't, like, totally necessary, but my thinking on the gTLDs is that it's just not worth it and for "branding" you're in a stronger place to have a strong brand name and add the (local equivalent to the) .com.

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