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Testing droidcam

fernand0 profile image Fernando Tricas García ・1 min read

Yours truly is confined with his family since some weeks now. In the first week my son asked for my webcam to follow some lessons, so I had to use my tablet for videoconferencing.
But the tablet, you know, is not very comfortable when you need to type something in the chat, or you want to open a browser window to check something. So I was using the tablet as an extra 'person' in the VC and the computer for the usual stuff.

These Easter days I'm having some more free time and I'm testing droidcam. This software can be installed in a mobile phone as a server and it needs to install a client in the computer, with versions for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux (which needs some compilation; not difficult, but maybe this can be a problem for some people). No version for iOS, if I'm true.

The experience?
If you do not have a webcam, this allows you to have one. For me it is a problem to use the local WiFi network because of lack of good WiFi. But you can also use the USB connection (this Stack Overflow question ADB device list doesn't show phone
helped me to solve the connection problems) and it seems to be working a bit better and avoiding bandwidth comsuption..

Let's see now what will happen.

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