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re: I feel this so much! I was that person with all the domain knowledge that everyone would turn to and it eventually did burn me out. Luckily my cowo...

Fortunately, it was more my wife that got burnt out by the long, 3AM/weekend/holiday/vacation phonecalls rather than me. I generally just lumped it under the "meh: it's time-and-a-half and whether this call lasts 1 minute or 50, I get to bill the entire hour" (which can go a long way towards not getting burnt out when you're still in your early 30s). =)

To burn out your family or yourself can't be compensated... This industry needs to change the approach or the big turnover will keep existing.

I've been in IT for 25 years now. Haven't really seen a change in the tendency to throw more and more work at the people that best demonstrate the ability to get things done.

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