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re: I've been having really hard times lately (for about a month) during which time I just couldn't make it to the gym. Restarting again is hard, even ...

Gym was so much easier when I was a traveling consultant. Wake up before going to client site, roll downstairs to the hotel gym, do a quick 20-30 minute light weight-lifting session, return to my room to shower, then head to the client site. If the hotel I was staying at that week happened to have too many other guests doing the same thing, I'd usually switch my schedule to start the workout around 23:30.

Around here, the gyms are mobbed between 0530 and 0930 (and 1330 and 1930). And, while I should be able to work around that on my work-from-home days, the daily office-goers tend to schedule our meetings between 1000 and 1630 (with a lul between 1130 and 1300 in recognition that a lot of people tend to be unavailable due to lunch). Worse, meetings are subject to rescheduling, so getting on a fixed schedule is nearly impossible.

My substitute (when working from home) is, whenever I'm waiting for deployments to run, up the volume on my Chromecast speakers, get up, and do 5-15 minute dance-burns. Try to do it a couple times a day. EDM - especially dubstep and hardstyle, are great for that (and frenchcore is great if you really want to spike your heartbeat!).

I'm still a fatass, though.

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