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Pair Time! Help my friends helps me to keep motivated

Hello everyone, this past Saturday I began a project called as Pair time to help my friends about software development. it was so cool because we talked about API, HTTP, software modeling, SCRUM and some other concepts that nowadays i only use, but I don't talk much.

We model a simple project that have a simple message bot an API and a front, and we discussed what we need to know for execute this project and when we finished this discussion we create some objectives for this research process, so our idea was study and create one simple article about this studied theme and the others members will review this article to help with concepts and grammatical mistakes.

This group is motivating me to create articles in English and this people are my motivation for study more and for this week we hope create some articles about gitflow, HTTP, HTTP methods, API and JSON.

For today that's it! i'll create articles in english about this project and i hope that next article will be better than this =)


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