re: What’s your default terminal shell? And what do you love the most about it? VIEW POST


I use Fish as my default shell when I can. I do find it jarring to log into a bash shell on a remote server and see how severely limiting it is. Fish is so good at knowing what you want to do that going back to bash feels like a major step down in productivity. I'm also not a fan of a bunch of customization to get something to work, so out of the box Fish already does a lot for you.

I did install Oh my fish with the bobthefish theme locally. The integrations with dev tools (git, virtualenv, Docker) is really helpful.

I hadn't heard of Fisher. I'll have to check that out.


Makes sense! It sounds like the killer feature for Fish is its autosuggestions based on history, and it’s productivity enhancements without requiring any further configuration (e.g. auto-cding to directories)

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