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How to create online survey for free with SurveyJS and Google Sheets

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Spreadsheet as a database for web application

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Surveys are a convenient method for quick collecting people’s opinions in many areas. Despite a giant increase in access to data collected passively (e.g. browsing history, eye tracking), organisations still rely on gathering feedback from their customers. Survey data can be used for sentiment analysis, designing new products, building better recommendation engines and market segmentation. The survey can be conducted in person, by phone or online.

Of course, there are many paid services for making online questionnaires with no or little code. For open-source solutions, the industry standard is LimeSurvey. Getting started with a simple questionnaire is rather quick, but you still need hosting for LimeSurvey. If you are a data scientist, you are unlikely to want to play with the administration of a large system just to collect the necessary data.

However, it is possible to use simple static applications and free tools for this purpose.

In this article, I show you how to create a simple survey using SurveyJS Library. Next, we will collect and store data from your respondents in Google Sheets. Once you set up the dataflow, you can use it in many projects.

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