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Discussion on: Battling my imposter syndrome with projects

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John "Fitzy" DeLancey

Well done! Hitting "publish" (or the equivalent buttony thing) takes guts.

In terms of imposter syndrome, I keep a few big things in mind:

1) Noone knows everything.
2) There will always be someone who knows more than (or something different from) me.
3) I've built things that work. Period. Maybe they weren't the most elegant each and every time, but I get better with each project.

I definitely DO need to be more intentional about identifying the specific weaknesses and forcing myself to incorporate them in a project (and share my progress). You're right: it makes a world of difference.

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JennaKoslowski Author

I love seeing what other people create and sometimes I know it feeds into the imposter syndrome but I definitely agree with your third point. It's functional. I'm getting slightly better at the styling each time. Someday I'll get there but there's always someone who you'll think is better because they spend time on different areas and you'll have things that you're better at than them because that's where you spend your time.