Discussion on: Add Dev.to posts to your static site in 20 lines of code

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John "Fitzy" DeLancey

Very cool! I'm JUST (I'm a bad dev) exploring the static blog/site idea. I typically prefer a ridiculously bloated backend or CMS. ๐Ÿคฃ

I'll have to give 11ty a look, too. I'm THINKING I'm gonna start off with the Dev -> Stackbit -> Netlify stack to begin with though. Have you looked at that?

(The geek in me LOVES the idea of writing in MD and git committing my blog posts...)

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Tom Anderson Author

I think the native Stackbit <--> Dev.to integration is awesome for those who just want to get up and running with a blog. The only thing that holds me back is not being able to build it from the ground up, which means it may have extra code-bloat that I don't need/want. (I'm a huge fan of the KISS Principle)

It may be useful to check out one of these 11ty tutorials: filamentgroup.com/lab/build-a-blog/ or keepinguptodate.com/pages/2019/06/...

They may give you a bit more of a "from the beginning" view on how 11ty approaches Static Site generation. Once you get to grips with the whole template --> content --> static page concept, adding data into the mix ( template --> data --> content --> static page(s) ) as above becomes a little easier!