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Automated Website testing with Ghost Inspector

What is Ghost Inspector?
Ghost Inspector is an automated browser testing tool for continuously checking sites. A considerable lot of those sites run on WordPress. After bunches of interest from clients, Justin Klemm, developer of ghost inspector,developed a plugin to show Ghost Inspector test results directly inside WordPress administrator board. The plugin empowers you to show the most recent test results for a single suite on the dashboard of any self-hosted WordPress installation. Continue pursuing to figure out how to install and set up the plugin.

Ghost Inspector makes it easy to guarantee your site is working appropriately with no programming or testing experience required. Regardless of whether your group is composed of engineers, manual testers or beginners in testing, our instinctive set of devices will permit you to achieve your objectives.

Ghost Inspector is an automated site testing and observing services that checks for issues with your site or application. It does tasks in a browser, a similar way a client would, to guarantee that everything is working appropriately.

To begin, first sign up for a free preliminary account. To make tests, you can install a test recorder in your browser or utilize a hosted test editor. Tests are run from cloud administration. You can set tests to run consistently on a schedule, setup notifications, and control different parts of your testing.

It has the following features:

Test Recorder & Codeless Editor
Video & Screenshot Comparison
Multiple Browsers & Screen Sizes
API & Third Party Integrations
Advanced Test Scheduling
Parallel Testing by Default

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