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Cypress : Next-Generation modern automation testing tool

Cypress is a web automation testing tool which is used to automate testing for modern web applications. Cypress doesn’t build on Selenium WebDriver. Cypress is fundamentally and architecturally different than Selenium. It is based on Mocha and Chai syntax which is common amongst the Javascript users. If one has ever worked with Javascript, it will be especially easy to start using Cypress.

Selenium is made up of bindings, or libraries, and the WebDriver. All those components help test engineers when controlling the browsers. These two components work through the JSON network. But Cypress uses its own DOM manipulation strategy. There’s no network communication or what so ever. The only disadvantage with using Cypress is that it only supports Chrome right now. But other browsers will be added in near future.

Let’s see how Cypress works in real action!

Pre-requisites for Cypress
NPM should be installed and working
Knowledge about Mocha and Chai syntax

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