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Discussion on: An Intelligent Transportation System using Self-driving Cars and Mobile Phones

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Emmanuel Okiche

O boy... i don't currently understand everything going on in your project (mostly on the self--driving car part) but i watched the demo and it looked really good.
The mobile app animation was really smooth.
The self-driving car video was quite short.
I bookmarked the article and would definitely read it in-depth some time in the future.

@Mahmoud Youssef, you didn't mention your role in the project.
What area did you partake in the project?

Really good work done by your team and you'll definitely graduate in 2020 ;)

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Mahmoud Youssef Author

@Emmanuel You really made me happy, Thanks a lot for your kind words 😍 and I couldn’t write everything in the implementation details as it will take a long time to explain actually. So of course you would find it vague in some content. If you want to ask anything later , I will be totally happy ♥️

Talking about my role in the project, I was responsible for the Web Server part 😍

Thank you again for your words, God Bless You 🙏

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