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At first I was quite worried that Microsoft would be gaining even more monopoly on the developer workflow, but then I realized that this wouldn’t be competing with existing tools, but only be there as another location from which packages can be downloaded from.

I think for the general public this doesn’t solve any actual problem, because you don’t want your users to have to install your specific package from say instead of (which I think is the default for JavaScript).

For businesses and private enterprise usage however, I can totally see how this would solve the problem of sharing private packages across teams.

In Python in particular, you can specify the registry once and for all in the Pipfile (provided you’re using Pipenv). The default PyPI index is already listed so you just have to swap it for yours, and there you go!

So I guess this is a nice feature that some people may find useful, but that won’t change the way people do open source.

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