My first week on YouTube

Florin Pop on November 13, 2019

I’ve been dreaming for years to start creating YouTube videos and it finally happened! 😍 Last week I had the courage to create my first YouTube vi... [Read Full]
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I'm entirely amazed by this article alone to be honest. 😮
I laughed way more on your jokes than I expected it 😂.
It was just so great reading about you overcoming your problems, and doing something this amazing!

I'm looking forward to your other articles!

Tot așa mai departe! A, și mult noroc cu canalul de Youtube! 😄


I’m glad that it was useful for you! ☺️

Multumesc frumos! 😃


Interesting, I wish you success with your channel! I’ve also started my own over a week ago, but I’ve got only ~30 subscribers. Can you give me any feedback/advice?


Well... I got a good following on Twitter, and that helped me get the ball rolling.

But I’d say you should keep going!


It was hard to make the first step as I’ve been struggling to fight my “perfectionism syndrome” (if that’s a thing) because of my fear of being judged.

Hehe, we are all the same :))

Highly recommend howtoegghead.com - free resources on how to improve your screencast game :)


Getting started is always the hard part. it will never be perfect, but post it ANYWAY. You're off to a great start. After you do this for awhile, you will look back at your old videos and see how far you've come. This is a great thing for you, but also for others who have wanted to share what they have learned, but were too afraid to get started. Well done.


This is why I shared my experience. I know that out there are a lot of "scared" people like I was and all they need is a little push, so I gave it to them (as it was given to me 😊)


Hi thanks for the post, Im actually planning to do a channel really soon, im starting with text articles to practice script writting. So your post is actually encouraging!


Wow, killing it! Ive had my channel for a year and have 18 subs lol That twitter following you got must have helped quite a bit. Congrats!


It helped a lot indeed! 😃

Thank you!


But I believe that the most important thing is: quality content. So that's my main focus.

Love this! Will be following your journey 🙌


I am also in the same path. Do check my channel here and feedback are always welcome.


Congrats, man! I've spent on YouTube almost a year and it was pleasure experience in a lot of ways.
Probably gonna return on UT in a couple of hours with coding as well.

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