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This reminds me of something I perform all of the time... not pure bash, but helpful nonetheless.

I have about ~50 git repos I'm pulling down and tracking (others' projects, not mine), so this gnu parallel command says "enter each git repo in the current dir and perform a git pull".

cd path-to-git-repos
parallel cd {}\; git pull ::: `ls`

Best part ... it runs in parallel. So I have 4 cpus and the git repos have nothing to do with each other... it runs four pulls at once.


That’s awesome!

Would you explain the ::: part? I haven’t seen this syntax before. All I can find is that : means true or something like that.


It uses the output of the command as an input source. $(ls) would have done the same thing... I like to think of it as performing the operation on a current set.

It doesn't look familiar because its a specific parallel command option, not a general bash option.

Another silly example of a clock-counter ... the -k flag says keep the order (so things don't happen out of order). Perform an echo operation on three sets.

parallel -k echo {1} {2} {3} ::: {0..12} ::: {0..5} ::: {0..9}
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