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Discussion on: Is there such a thing as READY for a first job?

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Fred Richards

I've been in technology for a long time. You're never "ready". I think there's a better question to ask. What is your unique contribution? Each job, each opportunity is not created equal. There's one out there that suits you, or your personality, work ethic and style.

I think front-end devs are in a great position to showcase this ... many times their work is one part code, one part art. If a hiring manager looks at 1000 resumes, 1000 names, 1000 candidates ... what stands out that they'll remember yours?

That's not a hard question to answer. We all have unique views and bring something special to the world. Wear yours like a badge of honor.

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Pachi πŸͺ (she/her/ela) Author

Wow Fred! Thank you for this. It makes so much sense and it such a helpful way of seeing this.