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My Chingu Experience


I discovered Chingu on from twitter, it is basically a platform for developers and project managers at any level of their journey to gain experience working on real life projects.

How I benefitted from Chingu

  1. I learned about Agile methodologies. It is basically the act of dividing the time between the start of your project and its delivery date into sprints of equal duration in which you'll be completing tasks.As a beginner this helped me to break down tasks into user stories (small chunks) making it easier for me to meet my daily and weekly goals bringing my closer to the end of whatever project I am working on as a whole

  2. How to write a good ReadMe file.Before I joined Chingu I didn't know of the importance of writing a good ReadMe file and I learned that through Chingu. Writing a detailed description of how your project works and how to run it and many other details is just as important as the project itself.

  3. Working in a team. I had the opportunity to work in team for the first time. I appreciated mastered my git cli commands more, resolving merge conflicts and understanding how the git workflow works. As a new developer, this experience equipped me with enough knowledge to continue to work with a team. It gave me a first hand feel of how work is done in teams. I learned from my colleagues and appreciated the knowledge I gained from them.I learned how to collaborate with other developers. I learned how far good and effective communication can bring out the best in people and can create a conducive environment for discourse.

  4. Networking, In this industry competence goes hand in hand in marketing yourself. Marketing yourself is easier when you have a lot of networks. I appreciated the opportunity I had in meeting new developers from all over the world.

Special thanks to all the members of toucans-team-03
Program manager - Cathy
Developer - Ayman
Developer - Mariam
Developer - Opeoluwa
Developer - Carl (Myself)

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