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Discussion on: Learn to build a web site without using any frameworks?

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I wouldn't be interested in taking this course myself but this is definitely a course I'd like to see exist -- I feel like far too many devs dive head-first into making a website with a framework based on that being "how websites are made" when most websites do not, in fact, need to be built that way, especially in this age of HTML5 and mature Javascript.

Just be sure that when you get to the fully dynamic stuff you emphasize that the JS should be built only to enhance the UX, not to replace it. :)

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edA‑qa mort‑ora‑y Author

Yes, while I think frameworks add a lot of value, I think some programmers miss out by not knowing the fundamentals. I think, even to use a framework fully, you should know what it's doing for you.

And of course, JS is *only for added functionality. :)