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Discussion on: Donald Trump Hates It: Distributed Development Using Micro Frontends

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Fabian Holzer

Congratulations on the publication. It's good to see that the body of literature on that architectural style is growing.

I remember quite well how the term first popped up in the Thoughtworks tech radar in five years ago. I was happy, because I struggled a bit to explain what I was doing to other developers due to the lack of common terminology back then.

What is really a crucial point is that the non-trivial amount of overhead needs to be justified by the organizational scalability that is gained. And it's really a tricky point to determine whether the benefit will outweigh the cost. My organization was already past Dunbar's number with regard to engineers working on the product, the 24 engineers of your example might still be quite able to pull off a majestic modular monolith.

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Florian Rappl Author

True that. And to quote one of my other articles: if you can start with a monolith then you should start with it. A well structured monolith can be easily decomposed into micro frontends.

Nevertheless, there are reasons for choosing micro frontends right away, too. All in all it's the same story as always: first understand the problem and then pick the right solution.